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We at Stephen Craig Bridewell, LLC are also committed to personal development and know that continuing education will ensure excellence in our services. Premium memberships for current market data include; OKCMAR, CoStar, and LoopNet. The quickest way to contact me is by texting 405-513-1772.

“There is no right way to do the wrong thing.” That is the mindset that keeps SCB, LLC in the forefront of those who trust Stephen to get a deal done! At our company, business has not always come easy, which is a common challenge shared by all successful businesses. Lessons we have learned benefiting our clients needs’ are reflected in our history of positive testimonials, longevity in the marketplace, positive peer reviews, and our ability to stay focused. Our manner of thinking is, “It’s not about us, it’s about you!”

Stephen’s real estate career has had a number of different paths. Starting right out of high school, he attended a local real estate licensing school in 1977. He says, “I wish I’d known on the first day of class you didn’t get paid every Friday, or maybe not at all! Maybe that would’ve motivated me to pass the State Exam!” Stephen’s decision not to take the State Exam started a long journey of experience in manual labor, working on his parent’s rental homes, and eventually becoming self-employed in 1991.
From then to now has been an on-going, real life “real estate class.” Having a background in rental homes, property management, and leasing and screening tenants has led to other opportunities such as: graduating from The University of Central Oklahoma in 2004 with a BA in sociology, becoming a Real Estate Broker, and founding partner of SCB, LLC in 2008.

SCB, LLC is focused on projects that involve the sales of commercial, residential properties, and raw lands, as well as sales of developed residential lots to builders. SCB, LLC has developed professional working relationships that include working with real estate developers, title companies, surveyors, engineers, builders, zoning officials, city planners, city officials, and many others decision makers along the way.

Stephen is committed to volunteering time and service for the non-profit organization, The Recovery Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He is able to channel all the skills of being a Broker into helping The Recovery Center carry out their mission of helping members of our community who want to live a life free from alcohol and other drugs.


UCO, B.A. Sociology. The study of group behavior gives me an edge when it comes to the most important part of all Real Estate Transactions which is emotion of buyers and sellers. Education has also included extreme hard physical work.


NAR – National Association Realtors.

Honors, Awards, and Credentials

Served on Board of Directors at; Piedmont, OK Chamber of Commerce, TRC a local non-profit and as a Commissioner for Housing Authority of Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma